Sirli Kepp
Warehouse Manager
ph. +372 651 5529
GSM +372 51 54 730

Imported goods are under the customs control until the payment of import customs duties. This kind of goods can be stored temporarily in a customs terminal or for a longer period in a customs warehouse.

If all duties have been paid on import goods then they are considered to be in free circulation. Goods in free circulation can be stored in an ordinary warehouse – the so-called warehouse hotel service.

All the goods stored with us are covered with the insurance applicable upon goods in AS Renewo’s warehouse.


Goods warehouse

We offer storage of goods in free circulation. Following additional services are also provided, if necessary:

Customs warehouse

No AT/0044/EE100EE
In customs warehouse we offer storage of goods under customs control, excl. foodstuffs.


Customs terminal

No YT/0088/EE100EE
In customs terminal we offer short-term storage of goods under customs control.