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Export of goods shall mean the export of Community goods from the EC customs territory.

Goods that can be exported include:
- Community goods, i.e. goods acquired or produced in the Community
- goods in free circulation.

For export customs procedure you need to present to the customs:

  • The goods
  • The customs declaration applicable to the goods.

Oral declarations are accepted on goods exported for non-commercial purposes or goods with a statistical value of less than 1,000 euros only in customs office of exit.

In case of goods under export subsidy inspection document T5 is required to be presented to the customs office of exit.

For preparing the export customs declaration the following information is required:

1. Goods invoice, containing the following information:
           1.1 Description of goods, allowing for the identification of commodity code
           1.2 Cost
           1.3 Quantity
           1.4 Weight
           1.5 No of packages

2. Customs office code, where the customs documents are drawn up.

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