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Non-Community goods delivered to Estonia will remain under customs control until their release for free circulation.

With release for free circulation the non-Community goods will acquire the customs status of Community goods.

For releasing the goods for free circulation the following is required:

  • Customs declaration
  • Additional permit in cases set forth in customs regulations.
    Presenting the permit is required when you want to
    - present a simplified customs declaration
    - apply for preferential customs duties or suspensive measures
    - declare the goods with entry in the accounts

List of documents required for preparing the import customs declaration:

1. Goods invoice, that should contain the following information:
           1.1 Description of goods, allowing for the identification of commodity code 
           1.2 Cost 
           1.3 Quantity 
           1.4 Weight
           1.5 No of packages

2. Consignment note (CMR, B/L, SMGS)
3. Transport invoice (depending on delivery terms)
4. Certificates of origin
5. Export declaration of the country of departure

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